All the finishing phases are regulated by a strict protocol that we introduced in our ISO9000 certified quality system.

We are able to guarantee 100% control for each single product.

Today we can produce any legwear item, from graduated compression hosiery, to support items, therapeutic items and even sports items.

Calze Wellness


Line of preventive items till the first compression class. We designed it to relieve fatigue and swelling, ensuring the everyday well-being.


Therapeutic line for the treatment and the prevention of problems related to the poor venous circulation. Our products are certified in the first and second compression class.

Calze Medicali
Calze Anti Embolo


Anti-embolism line for the treatment of thromboembolic prophylaxis before, during and after surgery. These products give legs the necessary support, avoiding blood stagnation that can degenerate from venous thrombosis into thromboembolism.

Every Day

Unisex knee highs line developped in different compression levels, for those who live a with a busy life, who remains standing for a lot of time, who travels by plane and wants support, comfort and elegance.

Calze Every Day
Calze Sportive


We created the sporting products line thanks to the know-how that we acquired in the medical field and cooperating with some of the most important international brands, who sell items studied to increase the performance and to eliminate lactic acid (improve the muscle metabolism).